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Amenities Request Agreement

Property Owners

Please be advised that only members of the Three Runs Plantation HOA who are in good standing, meaning all dues and assessments are paid in full, and are at least 21 years of age will be allowed to reserve amenities for any private functions.

Please refer to the Three Runs Plantation Rules & Regulations for Use of Amenities when filling out the form that will follow on the next page. The form is also required to register any planned trail activities.

Please Note: You may be required to obtain:

  • "Special Event Insurance" for your planned event
  • "Special Event Alcohol Permit" for your planned event
  • All participants that will be on horseback in riding arenas, on trails or anywhere on TRP property during your event will be required to sign a release/waiver of liability (See Equestrian Waiver Form on website).

You (property owner) will be required to provide proof of required insurance coverage, necessary permits and waivers to the HOA office at least 24 hours prior to the event date.

General Waiver of Liability and Acknowledgement of Responsibility

Every reservation for use of the TRP amenities, including but not limited to; clubhouse, outdoor pavilion, trails, riding arenas and pool/cabana must be made in the name of a member in good standing of the TRPHOA, identified in this agreement as the “Responsible Member.”

The Responsible Member agrees as follows:

I am a member in good standing of the TRPHOA. I am at least 21 years of age. I will be in attendance at the event at TRP at all times

I understand that the premises of TRP includes all property owned by TRPHOA and the developer, including parking lots and surrounding area, clubhouse, pool and cabana, outdoor pavilion, riding arenas, trails and surrounding woodland areas and creeks.

I hereby voluntarily accept all risk of personal injury, death and property damage (including personal property) to myself, my family or anyone on the premises. Furthermore, I agree that I will not make a claim against or sue the developer of TRP, the TRPHOA, its members, or its employees, for any bodily injury, death or property damage that result from my use of the premises. I assume all responsibility for injuries to persons or damage to property and agree to release and hold TRP harmless for any and all claims, of whatever nature, that result from the use of TRP premises. I understand that this is a release of TRP from any and all liability with respect to any claims brought by invitees for any damage or injury.

I take full responsibility for any loss or damage of the TRP property caused by intentional or negligent conduct on the part of any persons using the clubhouse or any other portion of TRP property and facilities. I agree to pay for any loss or damage. I will take full responsibility for the conduct of all persons present at the event and will be accountable for the safety of any children attending the event.

I have read and accept the HOA Rules and Regulations for use of community amenities. Further I have read and accept the Waiver of Liability and Acceptance of Responsibility:

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